The Sanitary District of Hammond Pretreatment Department is responsible for controlling the discharges of the industrial users that utilize the District’s wastewater treatment plant. These Industrial Users are located in Hammond, Munster, Griffith, Highland and Whiting. This is accomplished through a Pretreatment Ordinance that contains general regulations as well as specific discharge limitations for chemicals of concern such as mercury and heavy metals. Additionally, each Industrial User is issued a site specific permit that details the limitations for their individual facility. Currently there are thirty-two (32) permitted Industrial Users in the District Pretreatment Program.

Pretreatment Permit Application

Local Limits

The Pretreatment Coordinator or District Manager is authorized to establish Local Limits pursuant to 40 CFR 403.5(c). The following pollutant limits are established to protect against Pass Through and Interference. No person shall discharge wastewater containing in excess of the following Daily Maximum Limits:

ParameterLimit (mg/l)
1, 2 Dichlorethane
Cyanide, Total9.0
Ethyl Benzene1.6
Iron, Dissolved3.9
Methylene Chloride4.2
Nickel, Total9.3
Oil and/or grease, Total600.0
PCB’sLess than the method detection limit for approved test procedures listed in the most current 40 CFR Part 136, Appendix A
Phenols, Total1.3
Surfactants [MBAS]680.0
Xylenes, Total2.0

The above limits apply at the point where the wastewater is discharged to the POTW. All concentrations for metallic substances are for total metal unless indicated otherwise. The Pretreatment Coordinator or District Manger may impose mass limitations in addition to the concentration based limitations above.

The Pretreatment Coordinator may develop Best Management Practices (BMPs), by ordinance or in individual wastewater discharge permits or general permits, to implement Local Limits and the requirements of prohibited discharge standards.

The Pretreatment Coordinator may develop site specific limitations in individual wastewater discharge permits or general permits to prevent overloading of the POTW.


Jeff Massey, Pretreatment Coordinator

219-853-6412, Ext. 524