CSO Notification Plan


Indiana Law (327 IAC 5-2.1) requires communities with combined sewer overflows (CSOs) to offer public notification when CSOs are discharging. Hammond is one of Indiana’s 105 communities that have CSOs and is now offering notification via e-mail.

CSOs occur when the capacity of the sewer system and treatment plant are exceeded due to rainfall or snowmelt. When this occurs, an excess mixture of storm water and wastewater may be discharged to the Grand Calumet River or Little Calumet River through combined sewer overflows. The greatest impact of discharges from CSOs is associated with bacteria in the untreated sewage and storm water run-off. Bacteria levels in the river can rise for several days following a CSO discharge. Notification signs have been posted at CSO outfall locations and at access points along both the Grand Calumet River and the Little Calumet River.

Interested persons may request e-mail notification when CSOs are discharging. To subscribe to the annual e-mail notification service, please send your e-mail address to the following address:

CSO Notification Program
Hammond Sanitary District
5143 Columbia Avenue
Hammond, IN 46327

Clean waterways are a priority for the Sanitary District of Hammond. We continue to invest heavily in projects to improve our river quality and to reduce combined sewer overflows. These efforts include expanding our wastewater treatment plant and improving our collection system.

For more information contact Jeff Massy at 219-853-6413, Ext. 524.