Flood Protection Program

The Hammond Sanitary District is interested in reducing or eliminating hardship to homeowners who experience basement flooding as a result of extreme rainfall events. We have implemented our Household Flood Protection Program in an effort to reimburse and assist residents who have taken various measures to help prevent basement flooding. The level of funding will be related to how quickly a homeowner accomplishes the repair.

We are currently in the Phase II Project Area of this program. If the source of your flooding is a floor drain, and past flooding has amounted to only a few inches of standing water in the basement, then plugs may be a reasonable solution. If the source of flooding is the floor drain, but the past flooding is greater than a few inches, then a standpipe may be a reasonable solution.

For more information on other ways to prevent basement flooding, check out our on-line brochure: “A Property Owner’s Guide to Flood Proofing”

For more information on the Hammond Household Flood Protection Protection Program, or to request a copy of the above on-line brochure, contact Kaitlyn Sherman at 219-853-6413 Ext.#515


Kaitlyn Sherman, Program Manager

219-853-6412, Ext. 515